- - "GoBicycle" Cycling Art Campaign in South Africa

"GoBicycle" Cycling Art Campaign in South Africa

"GoBicycle" is an imagined design intervention by graphic designer Warwick Kay, to help promote bicycle commuting in Durban, South Africa.

The aim was to inspire and raise awareness for bicycling, as a form of transport, through a new and vibrant bicycle route map and supporting posters. 

The routes on the map have been designed to follow the new bicycle lanes that the The kwini municipality have started developing in the city. 





An example to show how the map could be used on existing signage in the city.

Through much research, I found that bicycles allowed for better human interaction and conversation, when compared to cars. Further, bicycle commuting seems to help develop closer personal connections between residents with shops, parks, cafes and various other unique sites in a city. In my opinion, this could help foster more lively, multicultural and people-friendly streets.
GoBicycle aims to inspire Durbanites to experience their city in this interactive, engaging and fun form of transport.


Above are examples showing how the designs could be used around the city.

This was the exhibition stand to showcase the work.

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