- - "Women Race Bikes" Initiative

"Women Race Bikes" Initiative

Women Race Bikes is redefining traditional race coverage, using all the storytelling tools available to report on women’s professional cycling.

Women Race Bikes is on a mission to give voice to women’s professional cycling, covering all aspects of women competing on bicycles, from downhill to road racing, from cyclocross to BMX, from training to victory, from domestic to international. We tell the courageous stories of women on two wheels inspiring fans, empowering riders, encouraging equal opportunity, to honor and grow the sport of cycling.

In 2010 Girl Bike Love started as The Hub and Soul of Women’s Cycling. We have focused our energy on sharing stories of women riding bikes, sharing gear and tech reviews, and advocating for more, better, safer cycling. 

We have developed a strong community and following all around the world. With this platform, we created CycloFemme, A Global Women’s Cycling Day toHonor the Past, Celebrate the Present, Empower the Future of Women in Cycling. In just 3 years we have grown to over 300 rides in 31 countries. 

Now with a dedicated following all over the world, we are proud to honor yet another aspect of women’s cycling–the athletes who inspire, astound, and empower us, captivating our hearts and minds, filling our imagination with new possibility–every single day.

We are proud to bring you Women Race Bikes.

Women Race Bikes will provide coverage for women’s Road, TT, Mountain, Cyclocross, Track and BMX racing, with photos, stories, interviews, video, social media coverage, and streaming updates with a specially designed App from the creators of Tour Tracker.

photo courtesy of Velofocus

What We Need & Why We Need It.

Our basic fundraising goal is $80,000 to cover the costs of:

  • Developing a dynamic and interactive website
  • Purchasing equipment (photo, video, satellite phones, etc.)
  • Travel to race venues
  • Mobile App development
  • Salaries!
  • Freelance writers and photographers

As you may have guessed, $80,000 is a great start but we might need a little more to have the impact we are striving for. We are also applying for grants and seeking great partnerships. We hope to see this campaign reach our stretch goal of $150,000.

The Impact

Women Race Bikes is redefining traditional race coverage, using all the storytelling tools at our disposal to report on the under-exposed sport of women’s professional cycling. By providing consistent coverage of athletes and events, we reveal the heart and soul of women’s cycling, elevating its presence in the U.S. and abroad.

By bringing stories of women’s racing to our community of riders, we will create more fans. By creating more fans we will see greater sponsorship, support, and events for women who race bikes.

Risks & Challenges

Women’s Professional Cycling is seeing a shift. It is growing and gaining momentum, but it has been under-supported for a very long time. Often working with only a portion the funding needed, programs and events struggle to reach potential.

We anticipate facing these same challenges. But we are in it for the long haul. We love bikes. We love riding. We love racing, and we love to share our passion.

By consistently telling great stories of women racing bikes, we will inspire more fans, we will raise the aspiration for women and girls to climb to the top, we will honor and grow the sport of women’s professional cycling. 

photo courtesy of Velofocus

Other Ways You Can Help

This campaign isn’t just about raising funds but about raising awareness for women’s racing! 

Help us by telling the world how much you love women’s bike racing.

Here’s how:

1. Share this campaign using the Indiegogo share buttons.

2. Tag #WomenRaceBikes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

3. Are you a woman that races bikes? Post a video to Instagram and tell the world who you are and who you race for! Use the hastag #womenracebikes


Women’s bike racing needs you. Go to the races, cheer the athletes, make noise, support the companies that support women’s racing, share your passion. 

Together, we can make history.

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