- - American Artist to Illustrate 2015 Tour de France

American Artist to Illustrate 2015 Tour de France

For the last four years, graphic artist, Bruce Doscher, has become synonymous with creating glorious, bespoke illustrations of the Tour de France.

However, for 2015, the American ex-patriate will undertake each and every stage of Tour – capturing the most iconic locations and decisive moments of the peloton. 

Indeed, Doscher plans to circumnavigate the French landscape, while each day memorializing the epic race with a one of a kind rendering. 

“I had the idea the night before the 2010 Tour started,” said Bruce. “I had recently moved from New York to Auckland, New Zealand. I had the very rare luxury of free time on my hands. I knew I’d be watching the Tour anyway, and figured I could combine my passions – illustration, design, and cycling.

“The idea was to create a poster for every stage and share them across social media. I never really expected it to catch on, I just wanted a way to introduce myself to other local creative folks. People are so much more willing to meet with you when you have a current project to share. In hindsight, I was probably just looking for a way to rationalize watching the Tour."

“To combine the drama of a race, and then add something that I enjoy personally — cycling. I guess that’s the magic. It’s 21 days of racing. On bikes. Through a beautiful country. There’s drama, there’s spectacle, the colours, the speed, the personalities of the riders, there’s just so much inspiration to draw from. The more I read and study the history of the race, the more inspiring it is. Even non-cyclists know and appreciate the Tour de France. It’s the big event. It’s the race. It’s a celebration of cycling.”

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