- - Bianchi Debuts New Aquila CV Time Trial Bike

Bianchi Debuts New Aquila CV Time Trial Bike

Bianchi unveiled it’s new time trial bike, the Aquila CV, during stage 20 of the Tour de France last weekend.

Bianchi’s goal with the Aquila, was to minimize aerodynamic drag through the use of unique tube "profiling" and seamless component integration. This was accomplished by using the most advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation software and rider feedback – via extensive wind tunnel development and testing. 

According to Bianchi, the fuselage of the Aqulia (frame, fork and handlebar), was the main focus for reducing aerodynamic drag.

The new frame features Bianchi’s NACA designed airfoil shaped handlebar, along with a custom engineered front cover to shield the brake system –  to further reduce drag.  

In addition, the Aquila received a dual position seatpost, featuring Bianchi’s proprietary aluminum seat post clamp, which allows for 2 different positions, thus enabling both road time trial and triathlon specific configurations with +/- 18mm setback. Furthermore, the rear brake has positioned along the bottom bracket area – again to further reduce drag. 

Equally as important as aerodynamic efficiency, Bianchi wanted the Aquila to be a comfortable bike as well. Therefore, similar to their Inifinito CV road bike, the Aquila features the brand’s patented Countervail Vibration Canceling, which entails a special carbon fiber architecture and viscoelastic material, which is embedded within the frame and fork, to significantly reduce unwanted vibration and feedback from the road – while also  increasing the overall stiffness and strength of the frameset. 

According to Bianchi’s product manager, Angelo Lecchi, the "Aquila CV with Countervail technology is perfectly suited to the kind of long distance stage the riders will find today: a long time trial on a lumpy route, making muscle fatigue reduction and superior handling two key performance assets. In addition, the super aerodynamic design is set to provide a real advantage on any kind of TT route.”

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