- - Greg LeMond Launches New Bike Racks

Greg LeMond Launches New Bike Racks

The special edition racks differs from SeaSucker’s original design, in so far as they’re  emblazoned with LeMond’s signature "maillot jaune" yellow.  

As part of their partnership, SeaSucker has produced two LeMond branded racks – a single bike model called the Talon, and double bike version called the Mini Bomber. 

Both racks are designed for 9mm quick-release dropouts, but can also accommodate thru axles with the assistance of an adapter.

For those unfamiliar with SeaSucker racks, rather than hardware, they use a simple, marine grade suction cup/pump design, that allows cyclists quick and easy removal, on a variety of vehicles. 


The racks will sell for the same price as the standard SeaSucker Racks,

at $270 for the single rack, and $400 for the double.


LeMond SeaSucker Talon

It’s a question as old as the bicycle itself: "How do I transport it?" As soon as you think you have it all figured out, you’ve got a rack mounted to a car, you discover another set of problems. "What if I need to take a different vehicle?", or, "We’re flying with our bikes, getting a rental car, and they don’t have racks." For decades we’ve dealt with these challenges, stuffing bikes into places they should never go. Smearing grease, tearing upholstery, taking up space. Not anymore!

The LeMond Sea Sucker™ Talon™ (single) and Mini Bomber™ (double) bike racks are the best solution to low-impact bike transport we’ve ever used. They literally attach to any vehicle or smooth surface in seconds, damage free, and they DON’T budge. They’ve been tested with bikes on race cars at race tracks driving race car speeds. When it’s time to take them off, they remove in seconds with no muscle power needed. Traveling? Throw them in your bike bag. Once you start using the LeMond SeaSucker™ you won’t want to mess with any other form of rack, again.

We offer this rack in both SeaSucker’s standard black color or the Limited Edition Yellow LeMond color.  Please note that the black color does not have the LeMond logo on it.

LeMond SeaSucker Mini Bomber!/store

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