- - MET Launches "Drone" Time Trial Helmet

MET Launches "Drone" Time Trial Helmet

After two years in the making. MET Design Lab launches its new Drone time trial helmet. 

According to MET, what separates its Drone helmet from the competition, is its wind-cheating capabilities, that can save 10 watts at 50 km/h, thus reducing drag better than any other  helmet on the market. 

“A revolutionary concept, the widebody takes a totally new approach to aero design, which includes increasing volume on the sides, thereby decreasing the turbulence and drag created by the rider’s clavicles,” says Met.

​Check out MET’s video, which give a concise story behind the development of the Drone

From MET

The MET Design Lab unit at the heart of our R&D department, has been assigned the task of searching relentlessly for the unique and the exceptional.

The heir to a long line of helmets which have made their mark on the history of modern cycling, the Drone widebody is the 100th helmet model developed by MET since the company was founded in 1987.

Its architectural design is the fruit of far reaching research which enabled us to test numerous solutions,first virtually then putting those results to the test under ‘real life’ conditions in a wind tunnel, then on the test track and finally on the road. 

It’s a design which transcends classic codes for this type of helmet and which has helped achieve a spectacular reduction in aerodynamic drag.


IN-MOULDING INTELLIGENT FUSION / Different densities of material, depending on the characteristics of each model.

FULL WRAP / The polycarbonate shell wraps the bottom of the helmet towards the inside of the shell.

HOMOTHETIC EMBEDDED SKELETON / Spreads the pressure built up at the impact point, and thus dissipates the force of impact over the whole shell.

WIDE BODY / Revolutionary concept of masses & volumes distribution sets a new standard of aerodynamic performances.


SAFE-T ADVANCED / Lighter with broader contact area, the pressure is distributed in a homogenous way.


AIR LITE STRAPS / A revolutionary technique of weaving polyester fibres aids sweat evaporation and provides greater tensile strength with less weight.

EMBEDDED STRAPS ANCHORING POINTS / Improves the aerodynamics and the straps’ tensile stress is more evenly dissipated in case of impact.

AIR LITE LATERAL DIVIDERS / Their ultra-flat design helps reduce aerodynamic drag.

POLYCARBONATE VISOR / High quality, scratch resistant, purpose designed TT visor. Maximises the aerodynamics. Fits snug against the helmet. Nose bridge. Anti-fog coating.


COOLMAX™ INTERNAL PADDING / High-tech material assures rapid evaporation of absorbed perspiration for greater comfort.

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