- - Ruckus Composites Supports "Let’s Race Bikes"

Ruckus Composites Supports "Let’s Race Bikes"

Portland, Oregon’s carbon fixer-up chappies, Ruckus Composites, have not only become renown for their ability to repair and restore virtually any composite conundrum, but when a bikes goes unclaimed, they’re found an altruistic cause for them. Read on …

Ruckus Supports PBLRB

Every so often a bike never gets picked up, and ends up in the dead pile. For several years we have been wondering what to do with these lost souls, this year we cracked the code. Working with local and national non profit organizations as well as grass roots cycling teams, Ruckus will repair and custom paint these bikes and raffle/auction them off to raise money and awareness for causes that we believe in. The proceeds from these frames will go directly to organizations in need, the bikes will go to the lucky winners of the raffles.

The first two frames will be raffled in support of Presented By Let’s Race Bikes (PBLRB). PBLRB is a Oregon based project dedicated to supporting and enabling elite female cyclists to compete on a national level. They are breaking down the financial barriers associated with professional cycling by offering support to female athletes through crowd sourced initiatives. PBLRB has raised money to date with support from The Athletic and Sellwood Cycles in Portland OR. We are excited to work with them and proud to support their efforts in cycling.

To enter the raffle, you can purchase tickets online here, the raffle will end on June 17th. We will announce the winners and total amount raised for PBLRB on that date. Tickets can be purchased for 25 dollars a piece, or buy 3 for 60 dollars. The money raised goes directly to supporting the wonderful and talented women of Presented By Let’s Race Bikes.


Presented by Let’s Race Bikes (PBLRB) is a collaborative project between Let’s Race Bike, a few select Portland, Oregon companies, and YOU! Our passion is all about supporting women who like to ride their bikes, hard. PBLRB is helping Pacific Northwest elite women bridge the gap between local- and national-level racing by crowd-sourcing financial support. One of the largest hurdles for elite women is a lack of resources (both financial and logistical) and adequate support, and we aim to tear that hurdle down and build something beautiful in its place. We’ve already secured a rock-star support crew and a few key collaborators that are making this project possible, and with your help we’ll be well on our way to bringing the Northwest’s best female racers to the national stage.

To start, PBLRB is sending a team of Pacific Northwest women road racers to compete in the North Star Grand Prix (NSGP) this June in Minnesota. The NSGP (formerly known as Nature Valley Grand Prix) has a long history of helping to grow women’s cycling through their focus on the amateur competition. The promoters go above and beyond to encourage more women to come to their event, and their enthusiasm has played a large role in shaping PBLRB’s ethos.

As with all good things, this project came to fruition by some big ideas from a few passionate folks, and it has become a true grass-roots, bad-ass project that will yield great things. Read more about the origin of the project here.

Let’s Race Bikes is stoked that this project is allowing them to extend their resources and efforts to the elite level and help some local, talented PNW women racers with the next step in realizing their large and attainable hopes and dreams.

If you’d like to support this project or be more involved, please visit our SOCK page or contact us directly.

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