- - Motion France's Leaf-Spring Fork

Motion France’s Leaf-Spring Fork


As we’ve said in the past, we mainly stick to the road as inveterate roadies here, but when something as hyperbolic as Motion France’s leaf-spring fork comes along, we feel compelled to write about it.

According to Motion France, its new-fangled fork features a one size fits all design, adjustable travel, produces no brake dive and it requires virtually no maintenance. Pretty bold claims for sure!

So how does the Motion fork eliminate dive?

Almost every traditional suspension fork exhibits some degree of dive under braking. And, the only way to mitigate this is by using adjustable compression – usually in the form of a shock. However, Motion France claims to have eliminated this issue by virtue of their proprietary leaf-spring design which doesn’t require any kind of shock dampener. Rather, it relies upon an adjustable hydraulic cartridge that’s hidden in the steerer to control the amount of rebound and lock out.

Motion France accomplishes this by using an adjustment wheel that’s located at the top of the stem. From there, riders can choose between 10 levels of rebound damping and also lock out the fork with the push of a button.


In addition, a series of inserts allows the Motion fork to accommodate any size wheel or axle size, ranging from  26, 27.5, or 29″ (up 3.0″ wide) wheels, as well as 15×100, 15×110 and 20×110 axles. Moreover, riders can also swap out the carbon springs to accommodate differences in their weight or desired amount of travel.


Additionally, Motion France says the use of bushings that are secured by bolts instead of bearings at the fork’s pivot points, makes for a maintenance free design. Furthermore, the company claims the fork’s sealed hydraulic cartridge requires no maintenance either.

Sound interesting?

Motion France has currently taken to a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter in an effort to raise money so they can put their fork into full production. You can learn more about it here

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