- - 100copies Shows-Off Latest Print Called "Shine On"

100copies Shows-Off Latest Print Called “Shine On”

100copies is showing-off its latest cycling print called Shine On, marking artist Thomas Yang’s 49th limited edition artwork. 

“Do you ride in the day or in the night? Would you ride in the pouring rain or under the blazing sun? When it comes to cycling, everyone has their own rhythm and goals. There is no magic hour, it’s up to you to decide when it’s your time to shine. The best time to ride is really whenever you like it,” says Yang.

Shine On features a cyclist with his shadow or reflection on the road, forming a mirror image. With no right side up, the cyclist could be riding when it’s dark or when it’s light, allowing the print to be hung either way to reflect the curator’s preference.

Where does the shine come in?

The piece is printed in Pantone metallic silver and gold ink.

Like all of 100copies’ prints, Shine On is limited to just 100 pieces.  

  • Date of release: October 2021
  • Sheet size: 840mm X 594mm (33 inch X 24 inch)
  • Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 2 special Pantone Metallic Colours (Gold and Silver) and 1 Pantone Black to ensure color accuracy and a high-quality print 
  • Printed on 252gsm Exel Satin paper 
  • Suitable for archival use 




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