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The mission of the Bike Karma Bicycle Stories Podcast is to find, save, and share stories from all over the bicycle loving world to help connect people in all parts of the global cycling community.

In the spirit of (unaffiliated) public radio shows like Radiolab, This American Life, and Snap Judgement, the Bike Karma Show collects stories about PEOPLE and BICYCLES. The stories are lovingly curated, edited, and produced. You won’t hear specific race results, or name dropping, or details about new tech, but you will hear my passion for the great things bicycles bring out in all kinds of people.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, the monthly show is a combination of interviews, stories, and sketch comedy. It is available free ANYWHERE you can listen to podcasts, including our host service at podbean…


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From adventures to collecting, from racing to restoring, from vintage to cutting edge, anyone who ever smiled about a bike is a part of a big river of stories as old as the oldest velocipede. The Bike Karma Bicycle Podcast celebrates and shares this flow.  

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