- - 2014 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 3 Road Bike

2014 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 3 Road Bike

Cannondale has revamped it’s popular Synapse line for 2014 – focussing more than ever on the "endurance" rider. The new line-up consists of three Synapse models – with component groups ranging from Shimano 105 to SRAM Rival and topping out with 11-speed Ultegra. 
Cannondale has further developed their SAVE+ (Synapse Active Vibration Elimination) technology. Road feedback is mitigated by addition of a new carbon layup process, a reshaping of the fork and stays and a redesigned seatpost and seat tube. In addition, the  helix shaped seat stays increase the effective length of the carbon fiber  – wherein the "fibers" are actually longer than the actual seat stays themselves – this means vibrations take longer to travel up the stays. This damps out more of the high frequency vibrations.
Furthermore, the seatpost has been downsized to a 25.4mm diameter. Cannondale says this reduction in seatpost diameter increases  deflection. In addition, they’ve also integrated the clamp into the frame – for the benefit of  increasing the amount of extended seatpost in order to gain even more deflection. Cannondale suggests that a traditional seat collar reduces the amount of seatpost that can deflect under impact. The clamp features a three-piece wedge system that’s housed inside the frame – with a small bulge in front of the seat tube. A 4mm allen bolt in the top tube controls the adjustability of the seatpost – and it’s covered with a rubber bung. 
The most intriguing part about the Synapse’s redesign – is the open space atop the seat tube. Cannondale realized after widening the bottom bracket shell to 73mm, along with the need to increase the diameter of bottom of the seat tube for added rigidity – by removing material from the center to the outer edge with two smaller, separate  tubes – they could achieve the desired stiffness, along with a reduction in weight as well.
The Synapse’s geometry is different from Cannondale’s "race" models. The main difference is the 3 centimeter taller head tube, along with a shorter top tube. In addition, the Synapse’s geometry has a "slacker" head angle and seat tube angle, as well as a longer wheelbase for increased stability. Cannondale claims this geometry translates into a more "relaxed" and comfortable position for the rider. 



CRUSH MEETS PLUSH The perfect balance between raw power and all-day ridability, the all-new Synapse combines remarkably light weight, race-proven performance and dialed vertical compliance in a bicycle that redefines "Endurance." The ultimate partner for the epic ride.

An ideal blend of compliance, rigidity, and weight for the perfect balance of race-day aggression and all-day ridability.

Revolutionary. BallisTec Carbon, Power Pyramid and the SAVE PLUS system provide the ideal blend of crush meets plush.

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