- - 2016 Giro d’Italia Grand Depart Takes Place in the Netherlands

2016 Giro d’Italia Grand Depart Takes Place in the Netherlands

Organizers for the Giro d’Italia, RCS Sport, officially announced at a ceremony in Milan today, that the Italian Grand Tour will start in the Netherlands for 2016 – in the central province of Gelderland.

Today’s news marks the 3rd time the Giro has started in the Netherlands, with the 2002 race starting in Groeningen, and in Amsterdam for the 2010. 

The Giro’s full race route, will be revealed in early October.

Today’s presentation, outlined all three stages, beginning with an 8.1km time trial, which will take place  in Apeldoorn, followed by stage two – a 180 kilometer road race stage from Arnhem to Nijmegen. The third and final stage, will feature a 190 kilometer route from Nijmegen to Arnhem.

From there, riders will transfer to southern Italy on Monday May 9 during a rest day, with the race continuing on the following day – at a location to be announced.

“We are really happy to start the Giro d’Italia from the Netherlands for the third time in the race’s history,” Mauro Vegni, the Giro d’Italia race director, said, confirming that the 2016 Giro d’Italia would visit the south of Italy before heading north to the mountains.

“The Province of Gelderland showed how intensely it wanted the Corsa Rosa and beat the competition of other important candidates. There couldn’t be a better way of proceeding in the internationalisation process of the Giro, that, in the last few years, has seen the Big Start alternating between Italy and abroad, all without overlooking the south of Italy.”

Jan Markink, member of the board of the Provincial executives of Gelderland, said: “I am very proud and excited to host the Big Start of the Giro d’Italia in 2016. The Giro in Gelderland will give us the opportunity to show the world how beautiful and unique Gelderland is with its diverse scenery and its magnificent cities.”

“I believe that an international event like the Giro d’Italia will boost our economy, the sport and the promotion of Gelderland. Gelderland has a lot to offer, not only because of its rich cultural history and splendid museums but also when it comes to nature with excellent paths for cyclists and hikers. Finally I would like to welcome our friends of the Giro to Gelderland. We will offer you a great experience in a fantastic surrounding, and make the Big Start of the Giro d’Italia 2016 a start to remember!”

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