- - 3T Introduces New Gravel Specific "Aeroghiaia" Aero Handlebar

3T Introduces New Gravel Specific “Aeroghiaia” Aero Handlebar

Further capitalizing on the ever-growing gravel segment, 3T has introduced a new carbon handlebar called the Aeroghiaia, offering both improved ergonomics and aerodynamics for cyclists who prefer the terrain less traveled.

“Designed for gravel racing and fast all-road riding, the Aeroghiaia combines speed, control and comfort. The speed comes from our aero profile, finally giving you road bike speed on all possible terrain. Control is enhanced thanks to the flared drops. But the key benefit of the Aeroghiaia is comfort. The aero wing shape provides a large surface for your hands to spread the load, while the multi-angle drops keep the brake hoods vertical (instead of weirdly-angled on regular flares) for comfort and position the flare below the hoods,” says 3T.

To accomplish this mix of ergonomics and aerodynamics, 3T says it combined the features of its Aeroflux and Superghiaia handlebars to create the new Aeroghiaia.

“Aerodynamics are important if you want to go fast on a gravel bike for two reasons: 1. Gravel rides often involve open areas where speeds can be considerable and with strong winds, your speed relative to the wind can be enormous even if you’re going slowly relative to the ground. 2. Gravel bikes are also used on paved roads a lot, either to loop together gravel sections or for a civilized outing with roadie friends. So you don’t want to give up any speed to them,” explains 3T.

The Aeroghiaia features a multi-flare design wherein the top half of the drop remains close to vertical, preventing the hoods and brake levers from flaring out too much, while allowing the drops to angled out more dramatically at 35° for better control over rough terrain.

The Aeroghiaia is available in the lightweight LTD version in three widths 40, 42 and 44cm, which sells for 349.99€.

You can learn more about the new Aeroghiaia aero handlebar by visiting 3T’s website here.


  • Material Unidirectional carbon – ultralight layup
  • Cable routing Internal cable channels
  • Clamp diameter 31.8mm
  • Stem torque 6Nm max. 4 bolt stem/ 8Nm max. 2 bolt stem
  • Shift/brake lever torque 8Nm maximum
  • Clip-ons Not compatible
  • Di2 compatibility
  • Fully compatible, including with Di2 bar plug Junction A
  • Finish Stealth black

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