- - 3T Launches New Torno LTD 1X Full Carbon Crank

3T Launches New Torno LTD 1X Full Carbon Crank

The engineering gnomes at 3T continue to turn out new and exciting products in seemingly endless fashion these days.

Indeed, this week saw the launch of the all-new Torno LTD 1X full-carbon crank, which is no doubt aimed at elevating the excitement factor for the company’s already popular Exploro and Strada gravel and road plus models.

The new crank is clearly the collaborative efforts of 3T and the esteemed German brand, THM Composites, which was recently acquired by the Italian company.

According to 3T, the Torno LTD will be available in three chainring options, 36t, 40t and 44t, all of which are provided by the American company Wolf Tooth Components, and feature their unique Drop-Stop tooth technology that’s designed to help eliminate chain drop. Moreover, the new crank is compatible across a wide-range of bottom bracket fitments such as BB386EVO, BB30, press-fit 30, Shimano press-fit, BBright, Italian threads and Press Road BSA. 

Additionally, 3T paid particular attention to the Torno LTD’s Q-factor as well, trimming it down to just 142mm wide in order to ensure a “tight and precise chain-line”. 

Aside from THM’s own venerable Clavicula SE, 3T claims the new 340g Torno LTD (without chainrings) is the world’s second lightest crankset. But, this feather-like achievement comes with a weight restriction, which according to 3T is limited to a combined weight of 264lbs (rider, bike and gear).

3T has yet to provide specifics on the availability of Torno LTD, but pricing has been set at $1260. 

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The 3T Strada is the world’s first 1x dedicated road bike, removing the front derailleur and inner ring to improve the aerodynamics around the BB. Of course we also want to streamline what’s left and for that we offer the Torno.

It benefits from the 20 years of experience at our sister company THM in making the world’s lightest and stiffest cranks. It uses special aero cross sections that seem impossibly thin to slice through the air. Best of all, just like all THM products, it’s made right here in Europe, under our own control at our own factory.

Quite simply, there is only one company in the world that is technically capable to make a crank this thin, this stiff and this light. Luckily, that’s our sister company, THM.

The Torno is produced at THM’s factory in Germany with the same proprietary technologies, in-house developed production equipment and maniacal attention to detail as all THM products. Incredibly, despite the Torno being extremely thin and aero, it is the world’s second-lightest crank (THM’s own Clavicula SE being the lightest).

Thomas and Petra Mertin founded THM in 1996 in Alt Duvenstedt, northern Germany. An aerospace engineer by profession, Thomas found a niche for special-purpose high-grade carbon fiber components in the sports and leisure sector. The breakthrough into the bike industry came when THM designed and made the world’s lightest cranks and fork, raced and proven by Team Deutsche Telekom. THM then added further components to its portfolio: more cranks, brakes and cockpit parts.

In 2016, THM merged with 3T, and its super-premium products continue to be highly prized by custom bike builders and leading bike manufacturers trying to create ultra-light special models.



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