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We’ve heard of BigFoot sightings in the wilds of Squamish, British Columbia, but never a cycling apparel company. Until now that is. 

7Mesh’s credo is, that they can make better cycling apparel than the established big brands, by virtue of the fact, that they have a cadre of upper management, who have years of experience cutting their teeth on lycra.

According to the brand’s ambassador, Paul Done, 7Mesh has a chain of DNA, that leads back to such notable brands in the realm of cycling togs, as Assos and Arc’teryx.  

And, while their range of apparel may at first glance, appear to be aimed mainly toward the mtb segment, 7Mesh says their much more than that. 

“One thing we’d like to be clear on 7mesh apparel really isn’t mountain bike-specific–it’s designed for adventure aerobic riding, regardless of the type of bike. 7mesh has the goal of making better aerobic apparel, which means things like using less Lycra in jerseys, and using really detailed patterning to create the movement needed in the garments. It also means making the outerwear with the same obsessive attention to weight that is standard in the outdoor business,” said Done.

Based on what we can glean, 7Mesh appears to be an apparel company that’s focussed on creating gear that has purpose and function behind it, rather than a brand driven by a bunch of skinny jeans wearing, macchiato drinking hipsters, who are turning out cookie cutter apparel just like everyone else is.   

We hope to learn more about 7Mesh in the future. Dig ! 



7mesh brings together a team of outdoor apparel industry veterans whose common bond is our lifelong passion for cycling. We want better gear to ride in, and we believe we can set a new standard in the design and construction of modern cycling apparel.

We are developing a full range of apparel targeting passionate riders in a variety of cycling disciplines. All of our prototypes are created in our own fully equipped design and development centre in Squamish, BC, Canada. We complement our own capabilities by working with the finest mills and vendors in the world, and partnering with only the most capable manufacturing facilities.

We understand the full range of the cycling experience, from the suffering that comes on the hardest days to the exhilaration that comes with each new accomplishment. Our common bond is the camaraderie, competition and joy we share with each other as cyclists, colleagues, and friends. Every day, and every ride, is a celebration.

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