- - Alchemy Bicycles Launches New Balius Cyclocross Bike

Alchemy Bicycles Launches New Balius Cyclocross Bike

Unless a bike brand has it’s own carbon facility, or means of fabrication, very few manufactures (European or domestic), can boast that they make their bikes "in-house".

As a relatively small bike brand,  Alchemy Bicycles continues to impress the "cog"-noscenti with it’s ability to produce artisan quality carbon fiber bikes by fabricating their own tube-sets from scratch.   

Indeed, similar to their Arione and Helios models, the new Balius is getting it’s own propriety tube-set that involves custom layup, wrapping and shaping that is specifically designed for the client. Currently, the Balius shares the same top and down tube as the Helios, until it’s own is ready for production in the next 12 months.

Compared to the round tubes that were originally used in the Balius, the new design uses a new bladder molded front triangle for increased stiffness and better balance and handling. 

A newcomer to Alchemy is Johs Huseby. As a former member of the Cannondale Sports Group and professional cyclocross racer, he helped develop the Balius, and he now leads the company’s sale division. 

“I was looking for a little vertical compliance while still maintaining the torsional stiffness needed to steer through rough terrain,” Huseby said. “I also had the rear end made with a lay-up that was a little more forgiving as well to alleviate the harshness found in some bikes, and to give compliancy.”

The  carbon "lay-up" of each bike takes into consideration the rider’s size, weight and riding preferences and style. Therefore, each tube is handmade accordingly  -before being assembled into a complete frame. In addition, the client has a number of options as well. Such as,

 Disc or cantilever brake mounts

– PF86, PF30 or threaded bottom bracket

– Gloss or matte finish in one of 9 stock colors

Average frame weight is estimated around 1,150g, but Huseby says they could probably get down to about 1,050 on smaller sizes.


Balius | Carbon Cyclocross

The fully-custom, carbon fiber Balius brings a new dimension to competitive cyclocross, where the bike can now be tuned to the rider’s strengths. Dive into corners with precision, descend without regret, or outsprint your nearest rival in the finishing stretch — whatever your cyclocross super power is, the Balius is your secret weapon. Fortify your strength with our signature tube-to-tube lay up schedule with specific stiffness characteristics oriented to how you want the Balius to perform. Fly through run-ups without having to hoist a heavy frame; durable, lightweight carbon fiber easily rises to the occasion. Just like our aero road bike offering, we believe it is time for carbon fiber riders to move away from mass production because of the "tuneabilbity," superior fit, performance and durability that custom carbon fiber bikes have to offer.


– USA made Enve Tubing with oversized downtube for stiffness and strength.

– Gloss or Matte finish in your choice of 19 stock colors (see order form)

– Cantilever or disc brake mounts.

– Includes ENVE fork and Chris King headset.

– Touring geometries and fittings available.

– Press fit 30 or threaded BB shell.

Made in the USA


$4250 Full Custom*

$3750 Stock Sizes (52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm)

*"Custom" constitutes any change in tube length or geometry to our "Stock Sizes".

   Optional: Alchemy custom paint.

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