- - Bicycle Sculpted from Camel Bone

Bicycle Sculpted from Camel Bone

Who needs a bicycle fabricated from hi-tech carbon fiber, when you can have one sculpted entirely from camel bone. Which begs the question, were these "free-range" camels to start with ? And, had these "beasts of burden" already met their demise prior to the project ? 


Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed’s art has been described as:

"A great transformation of medium, reconstructing the materials he works with into sculptures, installations and performances which bear symbolic resonance."

His ‘La Chine est Proche’ was recently presented at the 2013 Armory Show in New York, as an example of this metamorphosis of matter: a full-scale bicycle, intricately fashioned from camel bone. painstaking detail has been implemented into the design, from complex etchings carved into the tires to fluidly wrapped coils and minute markings engraved into the screws. translated from french as ‘china is near’, the hyper-realistic sculptural form is both delicate and durable, and indicates a historical and cultural influence from chinese artisans who use the material to craft jewelry and charms.

"I didn’t need no stinking gravel bike" ! 

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