- - Campagnolo Updates Bora and Shamal Wheels

Campagnolo Updates Bora and Shamal Wheels

Campagnolo Updates Shamal Mille, Bora wheels 

Campagnolo announced today, updated versions of their Shamal Mille and Bora wheelsets, which feature improved braking surfaces, as well as a wider rim section for the Bora.  

Campagnolo Shamal Mille

When used in conjunction with Campagnolo’s red carbon brake pads, the new braking surface on the Shamal Mille, gives riders the ability to switch back-and-forth between carbon and aluminum wheelsets without the need for changing pads. 

The Mille’s new  braking surface is the result of a chemical treatment, which  Campagnolo claims will always retain it’s black surface, and never wear away. Aside from the new braking surface, the Mille will remain unchanged from previous versions, and will continue to feature Campagnolo’s differential rim profiles, G3 spoke pattern, carbon hub bodies and USB bearings.

According to reports, the new Mille weighs in at a respectable 620g for the front and 830g for the rear. 

Pricing is yet to be announced. However, the wheels will be available in Shimano/SRAM free-hub body as well.

Campagnolo Bora

The new Campagnolo Bora wheelsets will be available in 35mm and 50mm profiles, with the flagship Ultra version equipped with ceramic bearings, while the One version will come with standard steel bearings. In addition, the Bora will feature the same diamond-etched braking surface – first introduced on the 35 model. Moreover, all Bora wheels will now feature a 24.2mm-wide rim, as compared to the previous width of 20.5mm.  

Campagnolo claims this change in rim width, not only improves aerodynamics, but also accommodates a greater range of tire sizes that can be used. 

In addition, Campagnolo claims to have saved a little weight, by using lighter graphics and a smaller front hub. Furthermore, the wheelsets will come with a ‘certilogo" that will verify their authenticity – as to combat counterfeit versions that might be sold. 

Campanolo has not provided pricing on the new Bora wheels either. However, they have published the following weight specifications:   

  • BORA ULTRA 35 1,179g
  • BORA ULTRA 50 1,267g
  • BORA ONE 35 1,223g
  • BORA ONE 50 1,313g


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