- - Campagnolo to Expand EPS to Chorus Groupset

Campagnolo to Expand EPS to Chorus Groupset

Italy’s venerable maker of high end bicycle components, Campagnolo, revealed their plans to expand it’s electronic shifting (EPS) to include the brand’s popular Chorus groupset for 2015.

Campagnolo says, the new  Chorus EPS will groupset will offer the same precision and functionality as Record EPS and Super Record EPS, albeit with a slight weight penalty – as one would expect.

The new electronic Chorus will continue to use carbon fiber generously throughout the groupset, to include the brake levers and crankset.

In addition, the groupset will utilize Campagnolo’s sleek EPS V2 internal battery, which is hidden in the frame in order to protect it, as well as improve aesthetics. Furthermore, placement of Campagnolo’s trademark thumb shifter, has reportedly been tweaked slightly, as to improve ergonomics.   

Additionally, the new Chorus groupset will also incorporate Campagnolo’s new four-arm crankset design, as unveiled last week.  

According to Capmaganolo, the crankset design is said to be stiffer, but perhaps more importantly, it  allows for a single design to be used with any of Campagnolo’s three chainring combinations. Whereas in the past, cyclists had to swap out entire cranksets in order to transition from a standard to compact set-up. 

No word on pricing, or an exact launch date from Campagnolo, but suffice to say, that the new groupset will fall in just below the cost of Record EPS.

However, the real excitement here, is how the addition of Chorus EPS will enliven the market with bikes that fall within the middle to upper middle price range !

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