- - Cranktip Pedal System Debuted

Cranktip Pedal System Debuted

Right on the heels (no pun intended) of this year’s Tour Down Under, the Australian-based company, Cranktip, has debuted its new pedal system, that they’re calling revolutionary in terms of increased power and efficiency. 

Furthermore, according to Cranktip, in addition to an increase in power, the efficiency of their system equates into a reduction of heart rate as well. 

The new system accomplishes this by, lowering the rider’s foot by 12mm, and moves it 16mm further forward, as compared to other pedal systems. 

In addition to the claimed increase in leverage and power, Cranktip also says the dual-swingarm design lessens fatigue – as it  "directly dampens and dissipates irregular forces".

Former pro rider, Henk Vogels, is Cranktip’s CEO, and he’s been vigorously promoting the pedal system amongst the WorldTour teams at the Tour Down Under this week. 

It will interesting to see if the system catches on, and one-day hits these shores.

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