- - Cube Litening Super HPC SLT Road Bike

Cube Litening Super HPC SLT Road Bike

Here’s a glimpse at Cube’s new Litening Super HPC SLT road bike. Mind you, it will only be a glimpse if you live in North America – by virtue of the fact that the German maker doesn’t export to these shores. Bummer -_-  In any case, at a mere 860 grams, the Litening constitutes Cube’s lightweight, flagship frame.

The Litening incorporates what Cube call it’s Advanced Twin Mold Technology, wherein an internal form is used in the layup process to help perfectly align the carbon and reduce unnecessary material. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the only detail that Cube will disclose. In fact, they don’t even reference the modulus of the carbon either. Oh, well, the frame itself appears to be fairly straightforward in terms to tube profiles and shapes, to include standard features like a tapered headtube, internal cable routing that’s compatible with both electronic or mechanical groupsets and a press-fit bottom bracket with a pretty robust 91mm shell.  

The only things that seems to go off the grid about the Litening – is it’s geometry. While it’s by no means super aggressive, toptube and headtube specs do appear to be a tad shorter or compact as compared to frames of similar sizes. Not that this is  a bad thing. However, it may not appeal to riders who are looking for a "comfort" bike. But, then again, the premise of the Litening is to create a lightweight racer. Right ?

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