- - Cycling Merkin: Any Aero Advantage?

Cycling Merkin: Any Aero Advantage?

Sarcasm and banter was abound last month, when we posted an article about the aerodynamic properties of the "beard". Yes, that’s right, the wind cheating benefits of cyclists having some "scruff".

Well, since the topic received so much attention, it only made sense to see what other parts of the human anatomy one could apply follicular fortitude to. 

Overcome by prurient thoughts, rising to the level of being outright rank, I wondered if perhaps the addition of a merkin, for cyclists who otherwise maintain a shorn scrotum, or shaved "beaverette", might be able bolster their drag coefficient with such a codpiece ?

The challenge is however, finding a wind tunnel test facility aside of a burlesque hall, or oncology ward. 😮 




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