- - David Millar Auctions "Worlds" Shoes

David Millar Auctions "Worlds" Shoes

2014 is to be David Millar’s last season of professional racing and he wants to celebrate it by linking his journey as a pro to a very special charity foundation. This is one of around 20 auctions of unique pairs of shoes, which have been unveiled at David’s major races throughout the 2014 season. These were worn at the 2014 World Championships!

David has been an enthusiastic fi’zi:k ambassador since fi’zi:k first started making shoes, and they are proud to repay his loyalty by supporting him in this cause.

fi’zi:k will provide David with a different design of shoes for each of his last races, all these shoes will be auctioned to raise money to support the charity Small Steps Project.

An Eloquence Of Movement is not intended as a chronological record of David’s final season but rather an expression of his whole career – including all the ups and downs – told through a series of designs.

They are individually created to reflect both the specific race and its region, and to tell the emotional story of David’s involvement at this race – in 2014 and over the past two decades. 

All the shoes have been specially designed by the VCRC Style Council in partnership with fi’zi:k designers, taking inspiration from the races, their history and environment, as well as David’s career. As with all fi’zi:k shoes they have been hand-made in Italy.

This was supposed to be my last pair of shoes as a professional cyclist, as I had planned to end my career at the Worlds in Spain wearing the British jersey, the two most important countries in my life.


Being part of the national team was something I always cared about, maybe it’s old fashioned, but it’s really cool being teammates just for one race defending the national flag. For this reason we decided to keep a low profile design on the shoes, so the visual focus remained on the national kit.

They key element of these shoes is the ‘Chapter III’ embroidery; that refers to the start of a new part of my life. I prefer to say a start of something new rather than the end of my career… that has to be the right point of view now!

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Reserve Price £100

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