- - Easton Unveils New E100 Full Carbon Wheelset

Easton Unveils New E100 Full Carbon Wheelset

The E100 represents the brands most sophisticated and radical offering to date. And, at a scant 1050g per set, they’re clearly the lightness as well.

The E100’s features Easton’s 45mm Fantom Rim, along with tensioned, full carbon spokes. However, according to Easton, unlike other brands who offered a full carbon design as well, the E1oo’s spokes are fully serviceable.

To wit:

"The E100 is beyond the normal development cycle, utilizing technologies that haven’t been seen before in the bike industry, resulting in a wheel that is lighter than anything we’ve ever made," said Easton’s product manager, Adam Marriott.

Marriott said in-house testing included shooting a steel rod into a spinning wheel to see how the carbon reacted.

Additionally, the E100’s carbon composite “pultruded” spokes are ultrasonic welded to a carbon ring, effectively capping off the end of each hub. This in turn separates the drive from the non-drive side, in the event a spoke set get’s damaged.  

The inside of the hubs feature six individually sprung pawls, which provide 6º of engagement, along with ceramic sealed cartridge bearings. Both wheels are comprised of 20 spokes, with 2-cross lacing on front and rear, along with a 24mm wide brake track for optimal braking surface. 

The E100’s look to be gorgeous wheels indeed. But, save your pennies, at $3800, they don’t come cheap.  


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