- - Fizi:k Offers Limited Edition Tour de France Saddles

Fizi:k Offers Limited Edition Tour de France Saddles

Complete with an Eiffel Tower inspired themed box, which includes a roll of special bar tape and a saddle level, Fizi:k offers a series of limited edition Tour de France saddles. 

The series is comprised of special edition versions of the Arione R3, Antares R3 and Aliante Gamma, which feature new reflective Microtex covers.

According to Fizik:

The fi’zi:k Arione R3 and Antares R3 both use the same structure and Microtex thigh glides with reflective film as the pro version, and incorporates a k:ium rail. The 185g Arione R3 is designed for highly flexible riders and 195g Antares R3 for those with medium levels of flexibility. Both are both priced at €210. The fi’zi:k Aliante Gamma uses a carbon reinforced nylon shell to cater for less flexible riders and is available for just $230. The saddle weighs 259g and incorporates the samereflective film and Microtex cover as the pro-standard version of the saddle, again along with a k:ium rail.

We are proud to be sponsoring so many teams and leading protagonists in this year’s Tour de France. The 101st edition is a special event in its own way and we are celebrating the journey to La Ville Lumière with our own show of power, light and reflections with a special new range of saddles: Arione for Snakes, Antares for Chameleons, Aliante for Bulls.

La Tour Eiffel is illuminated in a new way to lure this edition’s riders to the finish, but it also welcomes home the memories and ghosts of Tours, teams and riders gone by. As a celebration of the most shining lights in the 101 editions of the Tour we are sharing reflections on the Tour

– shining a flashlight on moments from history: the most memorable, the most poignant, the most funny, heartbreaking, brave, heroic and illuminating.

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