- - Fondriest Launches TFD Disc-Equiped Road Bike

Fondriest Launches TFD Disc-Equiped Road Bike

Fondriest has decided to get on the bandwagon of disc-brake equipped road bikes, with its new TFD, or TFDisc as they like to call it. 

As one would expect, the TFD’s frameset is constructed from carbon fiber, with internal routing for both mechanical and electronic groupsets, as well as brake hoses and gear cables. 

In addition, instead of using the latest press-fit style bottom bracket, Fondriest chose to stay with a traditional threaded design, along with conventional wheel axles and quick release skewers.

As far as geometry is concerned, consider the TFD to be more in keeping with the "sportive" and "gravel" bike segment – with a more relaxed seat angle, taller headtube and longer wheelbase – for a less aggressive position.

The TFD is available in a number of different Shimano "builds", as well as various wheel upgrades, with prices ranging from around $3000 to $6500 for complete bikes.  


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