- - Ikea Offers Cargo Bikes to Transport Purchases

Ikea Offers Cargo Bikes to Transport Purchases

If one more throw pillow becomes too many, customers can rejoice in the fact, that Ikea’s Hamburg store now offers it’s patrons cargo bikes to transport their purchases home. 

Is Ikea really committed to going green ? Or are they just trying to disguise the fact that most of their products are made by under paid workers in poor working conditions throughout the world ? 

Gotta love the vast assortment of inexpensive chevron rugs though.  😉 

(from Ikea) 

Ikea will lend out cargo bikes and clients may borrow bike trailers for free to transport their purchases home if they return them within three hours. Alternatively, customers can order bike couriers at a starting price of 9.90 euros to do the physical work and let them carry their goods home, larger furniture boxes included, according to the company.

“It’s a big challenge for us as we needed a good traffic and service concept to get products to clients’ homes within a short period of time,” Ferber said.

Ikea also tailored its product selection in Altona to the 150,000 potential customers that live within a 3-kilometer (1.9-mile) radius of the store, including shelves, boxes and baskets. Local staff visited about 200 apartments in the area to assess the challenges clients face, said Ferber.

“There are many people in Hamburg who take their expensive bicycles into their apartments as they don’t have a basement, and we have found solutions for that” by offering a special clamp to hang a bicycle on the wall, he said.

Unlike Ikea’s typical hyper-markets with few windows, the Altona store’s ground floor has a large glass front displaying products such as Skruvsta swivel chairs for 99 euros and Maskros lamps for 39 euros.

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