- - Kask Vertigo Helmet Reviewed

Kask Vertigo Helmet Reviewed

If you’ve ever been a slave to bike fashion like I have, then this ditty about the Kask Vertigo helmet is for you.

A couple of seasons back, a sales rep for a well known maker of high end cycling helmets offer me a freebie sample of the brand’s flagship model. While there are many things for free in this world that I would gladly turn down, a high zoot helmet isn’t one of them. So, I seized the opportunity to grab a free helmet with shameless alacrity.

The long and short of it is, the freebie proved to be the most uncomfortable helmet that I had ever worn. In fact, there were periods when the damn thing caused me enough discomfort to prompt a headache during a ride. So, why then did I continue to wear it ? To be honest, it was the only dark colored helmet in my vast arsenal of gear that would tie in with my favorite, muted ensemble of bike wear. It’s kind of like having a form Vidal Sassoon complex – ‘If you don’t look good, we don’t look good", only in reverse. After all, attaining the total "kit" effect is all about  accessorizing. 

Jumping ahead to the present, I finally decided to give the freebie the old heave-ho, and replace it with something equally as stylish, but this time comfort being paramount.  

After trying on an array of different helmets, I ultimately choose the Kask Vertigo helmet. Indeed, the Vertigo was "head and shoulders" (pun fully intended) more comfortable that anything else in the lot. Moreover, is was super light weight with lots of ventilation, and secretly I reveled in this supreme "euro-gucci" appeal. 

The Kask Vertigo nails it with comfort, ventilation and style as only the Italians no how. Dig !    

Vertigo helmet has been designed and developed for a professional use: it is safe, ventilated and aerodynamic. This helmet offers unsurpassed comfort and fit.

  • Expanded polystyrene shell that optimizes crash impacts;
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY;
  • Unique hinged adjustment system that allows for both size and up/down adjustment, which together comfortably cradle the nape of the neck. The helmet size can also be adjusted by using either the dial or finger push system;
  • Ventilation is achieved by means of 24 large air vents, arranged to optimize aerodynamics;
  • In-moulding innovative construction with reinforced frame for additional safety;
  • The Coolmax textile internal pads are made from KASK’s 3D Dry system which draws perspiration away from the head and these pads are removable and washable;
  • High-visibility reflector stickers on the back of the helmet and on every strap for maximum safety;
  • The chin pad is made from non-allergic imitation leather;
  • PVC thermo-realized soft lateral spacers, where these straps are in contact with the skin, to give excellent ventilation and comfort;
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial non-slip gel internal liner.

WEIGHT: 270 grams.

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