- - Keim Alérion & Arvak Custom Bicycle

Keim Alérion & Arvak Custom Bicycle

Designed by wood craftsman Till Breitfuss and designer Paul Guerin for the brand Keim, the Alérion and Arvak bicycles were recently shown at the 2014 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Show in Paris. 

Created from epoxy and wood, Keim brings a mystical theme to the classical bicycle – to say the least.  

"The Alérion is the symbiosis of two approaches with the wood, and technique for a radical poetic and sensitive towards the other. The bike becomes a sculpture to be admired and delicious transgression, on which you sit! It takes us into a world of mythological and fantastic and dreamlike hippogriffs Pegasi" …

"The Arvak is the culmination of a search for the essential bicycle. His project with cable monocoque frame is a composite of 24 layers of laminated vacuum bonded with a resin of biological origin. The orientation of the fibers is optimized to take advantage of the unique characteristics of this species. The bike is equipped with high-quality technical components, in particular highlighting the essential carbon wheels Corima."

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