- - Lazer Helmet Tests the “Cappuccinolock”

Lazer Helmet Tests the “Cappuccinolock”

Lazer brings its products to a higher level by innovations of all kind, always staying ahead of the competition. This vision will now be applied in the testing of our products. Aside from extensive conventional testing, conform to what the market expects, Lazer is now introducing ‘Extreme Testing’. For this purpose they have hired the Lazer Stunt guys ‘Mike Plasterman’ and his loyal assistant ‘Juan Disasterplan’.

In this episode the Lazer stunt guys test the Cappuccinolock. 

The Cappuccino Lock is a revolutionary way to lock your bike using only your helmet straps. Slide the male part of your helmet buckle into the lock on one side, and connect the female part of the helmet buckle on the other side of the lock. Twist the numbers to ensure the lock can’t open and relax while you have your cappuccino. 

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