- - Man in UK Jailed for Stealing Cop's Bike

Man in UK Jailed for Stealing Cop's Bike

Call it a case of poetic justice, or simply messing with the Man, or bothbut either way, an individual in the UK will be spending the next several months in the "cooler" for stealing a cop’s bike. 

Joshua Mills was caught on camera breaking the lock, and stealing a bike that belonged to, of all people – a policeman, outside of a business in Leicester.  

After pleading guilty in court, Mills received an 18 month sentence that coincided with a previous case, for which he was found in contempt of as well. Namely, stealing £20 from his grandmother’s purse.

Sentencing him at Leicester Crown Court, Judge Nicholas Dean QC noted that the previous crime breached Mills’ 12-month suspended sentence.


“I told you when I sentenced you in August that I was giving you a chance and I also told you what would happen if you didn’t take that opportunity,” the judge said.

“You haven’t and now you’re going to pay the consequences of that. It’s clear that after I’d sentenced you, your behaviour didn’t change at all.

“I also have to take into account a mean theft of £20 from your grandmother.”

“Dabbling in the drug M-Cat has got him into trouble,” he said.

“He was kicked out of his home. He was leading a chaotic life-style with no address which also meant he had no access to any income or benefits.

“He knows he must serve a sentence and establish a fresh start on his release,” he added.

Mills was given a six-month suspended sentence for the bike theft, which will run concurrent with his earlier 12 month suspended sentence.

Jail time nothing ! How about putting his head on London Bridge ! 

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