- - Matthias Brändle Sets New Hour Record

Matthias Brändle Sets New Hour Record

IAm Cycling’s Mathias Brändle set a new Hour Record this evening, after covering 51.580km along the Aigle velodrome – thus beating Jens Voigt’s previous mark 51.115km that was set last month. 

Brändle is the second rider to conquer the prestigious Hour Record, since the UCI amended its rules earlier this year to allow for more advanced equipment. 

Race Details 

By the time Brändle had reached the 4 kilometer mark, he was already five seconds ahead of Voigt’s time. And, from there the Austrian rider steadily increased his advantage during the first half of the race – with average speed of 51.962 km / h. 

At one point, Brändle was a full 14 seconds ahead of Voigt’s time. And, as he reached the 12 kilometer mark, his advantage was increased to 21 seconds – holding an average speed of more than 52kph.

After 40 minutes, Brändle was holding at 52.089kph – leaving Voigt’s record more than a minute behind.

However, as Brändle reached the 40 kilometer mark after 46 minutes of racing, he began losing peed, with average after 50 minutes dropping to 51.940kph. 

From there, Brändle continued to fade a bit. However, he managed to maintain enough of an advantage, to easily eclipse Voigt’s record in the end. 

Brändle covered 51.852 kilometers, with the distance and the record still pending ratification by the UCI.

"I feel really great, but during the race it was so hard," Brändle said after the race. "It was good there were so many people here supporting me, because I had a difficult period in the middle of the race where I suffered. I had to go a few laps a little easier, but I could find my rhythm again, and bring it to the end.

"The closer the hour comes, the easier it is, because you know it is coming to an end and you can handle the pain. First I was sure with 30 minutes that I could do it, but then I had a difficult period. I hoped I could recover, and in the end it was enough. I’m really happy about it."

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