- - Mbody: The World’s First "Smart" Cycling Shorts

Mbody: The World’s First "Smart" Cycling Shorts

Instead of simply bringing "power to the people", one company called Mbody is bringing "power to the shorts". That is to say, with electromyography technology (EMG). 

The Mbody system is the brainchild of the Finish company – Myontec. The company’s MShorts incorporate the world’s first ever "smart" textile, that enables cyclists to measure muscle activity in a way similar to a heart rate monitor.


The MShorts feature a series of sensors that sit along the hamstring and quadricep muscles that relay data via  Bluetooth to a small device called – an MCell. From there information can by viewed in realtime on the Mbody’s Live app.  

The MCell is compatible with Suunto’s Movescount online resource too, where you can log your activity. The MCell runs on a battery that you recharge via a USB power cable.

What information does the Mbody system give you?

First, it provides cyclists with left/right balance: i.e. the percentage of work being done by each leg.

Secondly, according to Mbody it helps cyclists monitor muscle load, which further helps to optimize power and technique, so muscles aren’t unnecessarily stressed.

Third, the Mbody system will show cyclists the percentage/ratio of work being done by each quadricep/hamstring. 

It’s also able to map distance and speed thanks to GPS.

“MBody provides detailed information on muscle performance in real time and in any training environment,” says Myontec. “Knowing your muscles redirects training towards achieving personal bests.”

Currently, the Mbody system is selling at a hefty price of $1225.00 ( €890 or £743). However, as with most new technology, prices are typically high before they begin to settle into a more affordable range.

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