- - Mexican Cyclist Arrested for EPO in Spain

Mexican Cyclist Arrested for EPO in Spain

A reported surfaced in the Spanish newspaper, AS, today, that the U23 Mexican cyclist Jose Alfredo Aguirre was arrested at the Alicante airport by Spanish police back in April, after being caught with the performance enhancing drug EPO in his possession.   

According to the article, the illegal drug was discovered in Aguirre’s carry-on luggage, who claims the drugs weren’t his. Rather, they belonged to Jose Maldonado, and he wasn’t aware it was EPO.

“I did not know I was involved in a mess,” he said. “I threw the bag in the suitcase without covering it. It was mixed with clothing. I didn’t know I was doing anything forbidden, just a favor. However, I assume the consequences of my behavior and any sanctions assigned to me because of this stupidity.”

So far, no sanctions have been handed down to Aguirre, who continued to train at the World Cycling Center in Aigle, Switzerland following the incident. 

The Mexican Cycling Federation is believed to still be investigating the case.

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