- - Nibali Stopped by Police for Riding on Closed Road

Nibali Stopped by Police for Riding on Closed Road

According to a report by the Italian newspaper, Gazzetta dello Sport, Vincenzo Nibali was stopped by police, after failing to realize that the road he was riding on had been closed. 

The 2014 Tour de France winner, was training in Sicily on Friday with his brother and two other riders, when they came to a road that had been closed due to icy conditions. However,  Nibali initially thought that the road was closed only to motor vehicles, so he decided to continued on.

"I was doing a specific job and I was very focused," he told the media. 

Nibali and his companions were stopped by the police, and subsequently asked for identification. 

"They asked for my identification documents. I explained what we were doing. I do not want any privileges."

According to Nibali, he was allowed to continue on.

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