- - POC Adds Magnetic Sunglass Attachment

POC Adds Magnetic Sunglass Attachment

POC announced that its laboratory, "sexy ugly" Octal AVIP MIPS,  just got a new feature this week –  the new Eye Park magnetic sunglasses attachment. 

The new Eye Park system was developed in partnership with the POC-sponsored Garmin–Sharp pro team. The new design features a magnetic snap along the brim of the helmet, which effectively let’s riders push their glasses up and out of the way – allowing them to peer down at things (presumably a computer device) or improve vision in less lit situations –  without the need to remove them.  

According to Garmin-Sharp’s, Nathan Haas, situations like racing through tunnels on a sunny day is a perfect case for the Eye Park. 

“The idea was born at a training camp in Mallorca," said Garmin-Sharp’s Nathan Haas . "I shared a thought I had about using magnets on the helmet and eyewear, to avoid having to take your glasses on and off and put them in pockets or the team car. POC listened and here we are."

Pricing and specification are yet to be announced.

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