- - Paper Pulp Bicycle Helmet

Paper Pulp Bicycle Helmet

The result is a bike helmet with deep grooves that allow both for a strap to be attached to secure it to a person’s head, and to allow air to flow around the head to prevent it overheating. The Paper Pulp Helmet is intended for short periods of use and after it has served its purpose it can be reused, or recycled to be pulped and reshaped into a new helmet.

The designers say that Eeach helmet is so cheap to produce that they could be sold for $1.50 or £1 each from vending machines or local stores.

" and the ultimate point is that it’s likely to be better than wearing no helmet, which is the (lack of) choice currently offered by bike sharing schemes.

This is currently just a concept, but as it seems to solve an inherent problem with bike sharing programs it surely deserves to be considered. The video below shows the life and times of a Paper Pulp Helmet from beginning to end.

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