- - Rapha Launches Pantani Commemorative Jersey

Rapha Launches Pantani Commemorative Jersey

Marking the 10th anniversary of the death of one of the sport’s most infamous champions, the Pantani edition of the Super Lightweight Jersey also celebrates the Italian’s iconic status. Designed for hot conditions and mountain climbing, the jersey’s main fabric is comfortable against the skin and also fast drying. This main fabric – in maglia rosa pink – has a pattern inspired by the graffiti of devoted fans, still visible on the climbs which Pantani conquered. Other graphic elements include ‘il Pirata’ (the Pirate) on the shoulders and other emblems and embroideries relating to Pantani’s career.

The jersey has been given an updated pocket construction for strength and comes with an accompanying cotton bandana, inspired by the headscarves worn by the man himself. Rapha and Pantani logos are printed at one corner.

A percentage of the proceeds from every Pantani Jersey will go to the Pantani Foundation, a charity established by Marco’s mother, Tonina Pantani, to help disadvantaged children. If you would like to find out more about the foundation’s work, or make a donation of your own, please visit:

To understand Rapha’s commemoration of Pantani, and our association with The Pantani Foundation, read this Q&A with Rapha CEO, Simon Mottram.

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