- - Rapha and Baum Cycles Collaborate

Rapha and Baum Cycles Collaborate

As part of a special collaboration with our good friends at Baum Cycles, Rapha is offering riders on the Rapha Retreat Tour Down Under a truly unique opportunity. On signing up for the retreat, riders can elect to work directly with Melbourne-based bike builder, Darren Baum, on the design of a fully custom bike. Riders will help build the bike from the ground up, choosing between two Rapha paint schemes, and their bike will be finished with an exclusive head badge. And provided orders are placed by mid-November 2014, your new bike will be available to ride during the Retreat in January*.

By tailoring every detail to each rider, Baum strives to create bikes that are more than just objects. The relationship between the bike and rider becomes the focus of the build and through a process more personal than you’ll find anywhere else, Baum will help create a bike that is sure to be a permanent favourite. A bike that should last the rest of your life and the perfect complement to the ride of your life, Rapha Travel’s partnership with Baum is a unique opportunity.

All pricing and shipping will be handled directly through Baum main’s office in Melbourne.

*If you would prefer to experience a Baum factory custom fitting first-hand, we can arrange for a factory tour and fitting while in Melbourne, either before or after the Rapha Retreat Tour Down Under. Orders placed after mid-November 2014, will then be delivered to your home by April 2015.

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