- - RoofBrain: Bicycle Rack Alert Device

RoofBrain: Bicycle Rack Alert Device

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, how many times have you had a close call with a garage door ceiling or a low hanging sign at the drive-through window while transporting your bike on top of your vehicle ? Worse, have you ever experienced the horror of hearing folding metal, or cracking material as your coveted bike made contact with the aforementioned ? As much as we all try to remain alert that our bike is being transported up top, there’s always that momentary lapse when we forget. And, the results are often devastating.

Well, some folks over on the Kickstarter site are trying to fund a new product to help combat this problem called – RoofBrain. 

The premise is simple – RoofBrain is a device that communicates via an app on your phone that alerts you when your bike is in danger of a low overhang.  Here’s their campaign:


Put a brain on your roof. RoofBrain saves your bicycle (or your kayak, camper or luggage box) from low overhang doom.

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