- - Sampson Launches New "Fondo" Pedal

Sampson Launches New "Fondo" Pedal

Sampson launches a new pedal with the "urban" or "comfort" rider in mind called – the Fondo.

Different from most SPD style pedals, the new Fondo features a much sleeker design. This makes for an ideal platform for the riders who prefers the simplicity of an SPD style pedal and related footware, but want something that looks more suitable amongst fellow "roadies".

The underside of the pedal has a knurled center section to help keep the rider’s foot in place during quick starts; particularly during busy intersection starts. In addition, the sides are chamfered all the way around for a streamlined appearance and excellent cornering clearance. The pedals use a steel axle with sealed bearings, and combined with an open platform, they are designed to last and endure the worst of weather conditions.  

At just $99, and a claimed weight of under 300g per pair, they’re certain to be a hit.


Fondo Pedal Set




High performance meets easy walking!   

For road riders, a pedal system that offers easy walking AND excellent on-bike performance has been about as easy to find as a Yeti in Texas.   Sure, you can use a mountain bike pedal, but typically they have smaller contact zones, which can create hot-spots.   A second problem is their double-sided entry makes them much too thick for good cornering.   So, we developed the Fondo for the way many really ride-centuries, tours, fondos, and commuting.  A third benefit is the Fondo’s sleek  lines compliment the fastest carbon steed, while the big platform and top quality construction make even a pro rider feel at home!  

  • A very large pedal surface that provides power and comfort with MTB or touring shoes
  • Includes a set of Sampson cleats, and also accepts Shimano’s SPD cleats too
  • A top level sealed bearing system means years of use with minimial service
  • New Sampson Grip-Strip on the pedal’s back gives your cleat a high friction grabber so you pedal through intersetions, etc, if you did not enter the pedal on the first try.  You just go and don’t get flustered! 
  • Low profile body with chamfered side profile provides excellent cornering ability-and great looks
  • Easy to adjust tension with indicatior lets you seclet your just right feel 
  • Full alloy body and steel mechanism provide exceptional durability
  • Flow-through body design allows mud and snow to easily fall out of the system
  • Light!  Only 146 g. per pedal – about the same as many top level road race pedals
  • Exceptional quality means years of performance, which makes the Fondo the best value

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