- - Santini Launches BeHOT Bib Tights

Santini Launches BeHOT Bib Tights

According to Santini, the BeHot generates heat as you move rather than simply holding on to it. In fact, they claim the tights can measure up to an increase of 4°C.

However, Santini is not sharing their secret as to how this is accomplished. But, they do claim that the technology inherent in the fabric, is designed to last as long as the tights are in service.  

In addition, Santini has applied their "Acquazero" treatment to keep the water out.

Here’s their overview:



Unleash the Heat – Our Innovative Heat Generating & Water Resistant BeHOT Tights Keep You Warmer For Longer

Most tights simply insulate you from the cold but, thanks to the Heat Generating Technology of the BeHOT fabric, we have created a pair of tights that not only insulate but also generates additional heat – up to 4 degrees C – as your body moves.

The appliance of science has allowed us to achieve this in two ways: firstly, as you exercise the movement of your legs stretches and compresses the BeHOT fabric and its fibres generate heat. Secondly, the insulation property of the fabric results in less heat loss – entropy – than other fabrics. Of course, all this is achieved with maximum breathability that maximizes comfort.

We’ve also added our Acquazero finish to the BeHOT bib tights that makes sure you not only stay toasty warm but dry, too.  Combined together, the result is that BeHot tights help you stay warmer and drier for longer.


  • BeHOT fleece — Constructed with a special functional yarn that generates heat through stretch and movement.
  • Acquazero — The fabric has been treated with the Acquazero finish that combines long lasting water-resistance and maximum breathability in one fabric
  • Spider mesh — The tights feature a Spider mesh panel on the back with printed thermo-scale design helps regulate body heat and prevent over-heating.
  • GIT chamois — With TWIST GEL core has been designed to absorb repeated shocks for long periods in the saddle and to always retains its shape; ideal for long distance cycling.
  • Reflectivity — Reflective piping on the thighs and calves, together with reflective heat-sealed on the sides of the legs, boost visibility on the road.
  • Ergonomic cut — The cut round the hips has allowed us to move the seams in this area to reduce chafing and ensure the best possible comfort of movement.
  • Higher bib cut — On the front of the tights ensures your stomach Is kept warm during cold rides. A front zipper aids convenience for when nature calls.


The BeHOT bib tights will be available for a special launch price of $175.00 (normally $225.00) during September and October 2014.

Buy online, or from one of these BeHOT authorized dealers today.

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