- - Shimano PD-R450's, good cheap alternative?

Shimano PD-R450's, good cheap alternative?

I’ll start off by stating that I am new to clipless pedals. I put these on my new road bike and have to say I am very impressed. When I got the bike I must have clipped in and out 100 times before I even ventured out with them and the payoff has been well worth it. Clipping in and out is a cinch. I like the SPD pedal as it had a relatively large area to clip in. Another interesting finding that these pedals weigh in at 330 grams. The Shimano Dura Ace SPD pedals that run near $300 weigh 278 grams. That is a 52 gram difference for almost $250 more money. That is 1.84 OUNCES. I am riding a $1700 bike not a $6000 bike so I can deal with an extra 1.84 ounces weight on my bike. I know it is not only about the weight but you get my point. That is why I think these pedals are the best bang for the buck as they are relatively inexpensive for what you get.

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