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SportCrafters Omnium Trainer

As temperatures continue to fall, and the change of seasons draws nearer (especially here in New England 😉 ), cyclists alike, begin to think about bringing their bikes inside for some vigorous indoor riding – while they face the throes of winter. Checkout SportCrafters Omnium trainer.  


The Omnium – folding race warm-up trainer

The SportCrafters Omnium Trainer is the only trainer on the planet that folds up small enough to fit in a carry-on bag, and does not wear race tires like stationary trainers.  Take your race warm-up to a new level with enough resistance for high-intensity intervals, then put the trainer in your backpack for the commute across town.  With every inch engineered to absolute perfection, you won’t leave home without your SportCrafters Omnium.


  • Powered by our patented ARC Technology, the Omnium delivers real-road resistance
  • Folds up to meet TSA regulations for carry-on size luggage (patents pending)
  • Leave your race wheel on – the Omnium does not wear race tires like stationary trainers
  • Highly effective cooling keeps drums warm to the touch
  • Fork mount, so no risk of chain alignment issues from removing the rear wheel or skewer
  • Hardcoat anodized frame is durable for extensive wear and tear
  • Telescopes to fit any wheelbase
  • Locking front supports ensure stability
  • Provides an appropriate level of inertia
  • 100% designed and manufactured in Granger, Indiana
  • Lifetime warranty


  • 22" L x 7" W x 6" H
  • Total weight: 14.0 lbs (6.35 kg)
  • Aluminum frame and drums
  • Progressive magnetic resistance within roller drums

ARC Power Modulation Technology

SportCrafters recently developed patented ARC Power Modulation Technology, which provides the foundation for most of our product line. High power magnets are drawn closer to the inside of the rear roller drum as speed increases, and, in turn, resistance increases. Benefits of this new technology include:

  • Cyclists experience the same resistance that they would find on a fluid stationary trainer, but without the tire wear that comes with clamping to the rear wheel.
  • Tests have concluded that the power profile with speed comes as close as possible to real-road conditions.
  • As an added benefit, the resistance unit adds less than a pound to the standard roller drum. Also, there is absolutely no maintenance required and no risk of fluid leakage.

You can purchase a progressive resistance drum, also known as an OverDrive Drum, to upgrade your existing SportCrafters or CycleOps brand rollers. Contact us if you aren’t sure the drum will work with your rollers, we are happy to help!

“… We are loving the rollers, especially with this year’s extended Colorado winter…The resistance is also making it much easier for the athletes to do high power workouts inside without having to get on the trainer. Resistance feel wise, I can’t tell the difference between your rollers and high quality fluid trainer.”
– Michael Durner | Coach, Military & Veteran Cycling, United States Olympic Committee

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