- - Storck Bicycle Sets Up USA Headquarters

Storck Bicycle Sets Up USA Headquarters

Storck Bicycle announced that it’s opening a new office of their own in the USA. 

The new location will be in Houston, Texas, and it will be headed up by Tony Tanner, a former senior vice president of the retail consultancy company – The Mann Group.

“I am thrilled to be working with Storck and to have the opportunity to bring this amazing brand to the retailers here in the U.S.,” said Tanner.

“Markus has such passion for creating the most technologically advanced works of art, and my passion is helping bicycle retailers grow their business and introduce more people to the wonderful lifestyle of cycling. This is going to be a great combination for our retailers.”

Storck will continue to supply dealers in the USA from its German warehouse. The new office will initially service only retailers in Texas, and then expand to the rest of the country, Tanner said.

Storck has created a retail business development program called “The Storck Advantage.”

“We offer some of the best bikes, parts, and clothing available, but if retailer’s businesses are slow, we have to do more than offer great product,” said Tanner. “I’ve had the privilege of helping many bicycle retailers transform their business, and I understand the complex challenges they face. We created The Storck Advantage to provide solutions to some of these challenges.” Tanner said Storck will offer pricing that will allow them to earn a significantly higher profit margin than the industry standard, and retailer credit lines that are competitive with any other brand.

Storck bikes have received numerous design awards including awards from IF Design, reddot, and Design Award of Germany.

“Most people in the U.S. know us for outstanding road bikes, but we also offer a full line of mountain, time trial, hybrid, aero, and electric bikes. We also have a cyclocross bike coming for 2015,” said Tanner.

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