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THIRTY 48 Cycling Socks

What was that phrase the TV show back in the 70’s – ‘Wide World of Sports’- used to describe an athlete’s misfortune ? Ah, yes "The Agony of Defeat".  For a cyclist, that phrase can more often relate to "The Agony of De-feet".  

Perhaps, only rivaled by a saddle sore, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than riding with foot pain. While ill fitting riding shoes are generally the root cause of this problem, socks that don’t provide adequate cushioning and ventilation, only add to the problem. It’s nice to see a company like THIRTY 48 think this through. Checkout their Cy Cycling Series Socks.

Cy Cycling Series Socks
Take your cycling experience to the next level with Thirty 48!

Thirty 48’s Cy Cycling Series are feature packed socks to take your athleticism to the next level. Each sock is right & left foot specific for a better fit and blister prevention. They are made with CatalystAF ™ a patent pending technology which allows increased airflow, and made with specially designed fabric to move moisture away from the feet, keeping them dry. There’s even an elastic arch support to further minimize friction, and a curled tab on the rear cuff to help slip the socks on or off.

There are 30.48 centimeters in a foot, and for every foot there is Thirty 48.

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