- - THM Composites Updates Clavicular Crankset

THM Composites Updates Clavicular Crankset

Long regarded by bike enthusiasts and "weight weenies" as the ultimate expression in high end cranks, THM Composites unveiled its latest version of the Clavicular crankset, at this year’s EuroBike show.  
With the exception of the pedal inserts and clamp bolts, the latest Clavicula SE is made entirely of carbon fiber. But, perhaps its most impressive engineering feat, lies in the fact, that the carbon fiber spider is now molded directly to the spline, which in turn interfaces directly with lefthand crank arm. 

According to THM, both a standard 130mm road crank, as well as a 110mm version, will be available come spring – with the possibility of an MTB version around the corner. 

Clavicula SE is expected to retail around $1700, which includes BSA bearings, a set of Praxis Works classic forged chainrings, and THM alloy chainring bolts. 


Technical specifications

Weight – 287 g
Q-Factor – 148 mm
Chain-lne – 43,5 mm
Internal Width – 118 mm
Lengths – 170 mm – 172,5 mm – 175 mm 120 kg

Compatibility – BSA, Shimano Pressfit-System, BBRight, BB30, Italian thread, PF30, 386 EVO

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