- - The "Ebove" Virtual Reality Fitness Bike

The "Ebove" Virtual Reality Fitness Bike


Here’s a glimpse of the Ebove™ B\01 Real Motion bike, developed by Norwegian tech start-up, Activetainment. The B\01 is the company’s first of several products, which they say "eradicates traditional concepts of exercise experiences. 

Activetainment describes the Ebove as a health and fitness product that also happens to be an interactive video game. Because the bike is attached to a single point and can move in several directions.

Because the Ebove uses virtual trails, not only do you have a choice of routes, but also the laws of physics aren’t strictly adhered to. Therefore, more adventurous users can leap off cliffs and onto rickety wooden piers, loop-de-loop and generally do the sort of things that you can’t in the real world.

In addition, Activetainment also integrated the Oculus Rift feature, so users can get even more of a virtual experience.

According to Activetainment, in order to bring the Ebove project to fruition  they have plans to turn to crowd-funding for support. 



  • Movable handlebars with breaks and gears to regulate direction, speed and resistance
  • Automatic and highly responsive incline/decline

  • User-affected sideways tilt
  • Gyro affects balance by regulating stiffness
  • Pedal-resistance regulated by both visualized terrain and user-controlled gears
  • Equipped with a 14” touch display

  • 3D-animated visualizations of outdoor surroundings
  • Responsive visuals (i.e. pedal faster to increase speed)
  • Terrain affects incline and pedal-resistance
  • Compete against yourself or others, through single races, series or tournaments.

  • Real-time or not
  • Independent of geographic location
  • Challenge friends or family
  • See your opponents or your own ghost rider
  • Climb on leader boards

  • All activity statistics are logged and provided in a practical-informative manner.

  • Log your activities and relevant metrics
  • Improve your shape
  • Share stats or achievements if you want to
  • Compare yourself against others

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