- - The Infinity Bicycle Saddle

The Infinity Bicycle Saddle


The Infinity Seat revolutionizes the bicycle seat. Innovative design for Touring, Mountain, Road, Tri Bikes and even Spin.

The Infinity Seat is the first bicycle saddle designed to minimize contact pressure and redistribute body weight for increased performance and comfort. Join the Endless Ride.

• Incredibly comfortable

• 205 grams – significantly lighter than most seats on the market 

• No break-in period 

• Fits everyone 

• Innovative design  

We love cycling, but we have always had an uneasy relationship with bicycle seats – we need them, but they have always been uncomfortable and have diminished long riding performance. 

We searched for patents that went as far back as the late 1800’s and noticed that, barring a few creative departures, the bicycle seat has remained basically the same uncomfortable design. Something had to be done and we realized that we were literally sitting on a huge innovation. 

The Design

The classic bicycle seat centers all of the rider’s weight onto the sit bones (Ischial Tuberosity) and pubic bones causing pinching and discomfort, decreasing performance and endurance. The Infinity Seat alleviates that contact with unique cutaways that distribute the rider’s weight into the pressure absorbing muscle masses of the buttocks. Simply put, you become your own shock absorber. 

That means significantly more comfort, and thus more endurance and performance, whether you’re riding 1 mile or 120. And did we mention it looks cool. 

Because the Infinity Seat is designed to accommodate the rider’s skeletal structure, it fits indiscriminate of muscle mass and body type – That means it fits everyone. 

The Research

The seat began from clay body imprints, to carved wood concept pieces, to CAD design and 3-D printed models, through various materials and sizes.

Our cycling team took it to the road and field tested the designs, steering development, component by component, millimeter by millimeter finally evolving to the Infinity Seat. 

After our road tester Sean Halsi (US men’s national champion)  tested the Infinity Seat, he did not want to give the seat back. We took that as a good sign.

The Test

With the prototype in hand we traveled to Cyclologic, an advanced bicycle testing lab, in Scottsdale, Arizona. After extensive testing against some of the top seats on the market, the Infinity Seat showed a significant decrease in friction temperature as well as multiple pressure parameters.

Simply put, we won! 

The Components

The Infinity Seat has advanced and responsive padding over a base of a proprietary blend of nylon glass and is upholstered with specialty synthetics or stitched leather. The rails are made of light and sturdy carbon steel alloy that attaches to standard seat posts. 

The Manufacturing Plan

We have decided to keep all of our initial manufacturing here is Southern California so that we can more tightly control specs and quality while supporting local businesses. 

Our tooling company is crafting the injection molds now. The bases should be in production in the next couple of weeks – we’ll keep you posted on that. 

A rail specialist is building a jig for forming the rails. Padding and upholstery specialists are lined up and waiting to pad and wrap the seats. We are sourcing additional leather textures and colors now – keep you posted on that too. 

We will be set up to produce a special run of seats to be delivered in time for the holidays.

The Mission

We think that the Infinity Seat can drastically change the biking experience everywhere – Road, Triathlon, Touring, Cruisers, Kids and even Spin. Can a simple bicycle seat start a revolution? We think so. Thanks again for your support, stay tuned for updates, and see you on the Endless Ride.


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