- - The Will Leather Goods Custom Leather Bicycle

The Will Leather Goods Custom Leather Bicycle

While Peter Breck and Lee Majors were busy pistol whipping the crap out of one another trying to get his hands on Will’s custom leather bicycle, I suspect Barbara Stanwyck would already have one leg over the top tube.

On a serious note, what an absolute work of art ! 


On any given weekend in Eugene, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Will and his family biking through town, or along the Willamette River’s many paths. It’s as much about their dedication to nature as it is about their love of adventure. And with some of the most beautiful biking paths in the country, Eugene certainly offers much to discover.

This same inspiration runs through Will’s latest project: a series of Leather-Wrapped Bicycles that capture the heritage of leather craftsmanship, and its significance in American culture. Will is releasing seven one-of-a-kind bicycles in 2014 at random times throughout the year.

The first bicycle is now on display at Will’s flagship store in Venice. The 1940s vintage-inspired cruiser pays tribute to a Western pre-revolution period and the orginal mode of transportation in America, horseback. The interpretation features two ornately embossed saddlebags and an embossed bike seat, as well as leather trimmings throughout the frame. The handle bars are also wrapped in oiled bridle leather that’s been elegantly detailed and hand-stitched.

Will is known for creating inspiring leather bags and accessories, and the bicycle project serves to extend the inspiration. The feelings of nostalgia that come from owning a great leather bag are shared in the feeling you get when riding a bike. And the ideas of traveling and self-expression are also reflected in both leathercraft and cycling. Of course, it helps that both are equally stylish as well.

Most importantly though, Will wanted to find a way to create a new sensory experience  for his customers; come see the bike in our Venice store and smell and feel the leather. If you’d like, ask to take the bike on a ride through the Venice boardwalk or canals.

Will’s motto is “Discover Your Will,” and those words are embossed on the side of this custom-made, one-of-a-kind bike. Whether you’re stopping by our store to see the bicycle or to buy a new bag, we hope that through this project you’ll discover something new, not only about the WILL brand, but about yourself as well.

The Will Leather Goods Bicycle is available to purchase for $10,000.

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